Quilt Challenge

You may access the rules from this link or read a text only version below.

Revised 2017_challenge_rules

Two parts:
Part 1. Name Tag Challenge: To help everyone learn and remember your name, we need all members and visitors to wear name tags always. To help us out, if you have not already made yourself a creative, easy-to-read name tag, we encourage you to make one or replace one that you’d like to update. We will give you a head start and provide a preprinted fabric guild logo to be the main element of your new ID tag. With that, you can add to it, embellish it, enhance it and make it your own (besides your unique name). For making your name tag, we’re going to give you a magnetic ID attachment plus a gift for participating. We’ll need a headcount by the May 4th meeting to know how many fabric logos and gifts to provide.
Part 2. “I AM…” First, second and third prizes will be awarded to those who participate with this year’s main guild challenge. Who are you? What is your history? What is your passion? What makes you YOU? What are your goals? What are your loves? This challenge is wide open to interpretation and personal exploration. “I am woman”, “I am a grandmother”, “I am more than I thought I’d ever be”, “I am wild about Beethoven”, “I am the best gardener on the planet”, “I am owned by my cats”, whatever inspires you – put it to cloth.
Three rules (and only 3):
(1) The result is limited to 100” around i.e. 25” square, 18” x 24” or any size combination or smaller. Round, triangular, table runners, totes, door pulls, whatever you choose, just no bigger than all sides equaling 100”.
(2) And it must be three layers quilted – top, batting and backing quilted together.
(3) And the final requirement is that it must have some kind of embellishment(s): “a decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive.” Beads, ribbon, yo-yo’s, crystals, grommets, paint, flowers, photos, pins, charms, whatever.
$75, $50 & $25 gift certificates awarded to those judged by the membership at the November guild meeting. Questions, contact Brenda Barnhardt at brendadb@verizon.net or 301-662-2943. EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN AND HAVE FUN!
Updated 3/6/17