Banquet Committee

Chair: Claire Daly, Email

The Banquet Committee coordinates and schedules the Holiday Party, which is held every December. This committee meets about four times yearly prior to the end of November to pick the party’s theme and plan the party, including prizes and decorations. Most expenses are financed by the guild.

Block of the Month

Chair: Cindy Shugars, Email

The Block of the Month Committee selects a block of the month project for all members to participate in and bring to each meeting. The committee will provide all the necessary patterns and may demonstrate the block at a meeting.

Community Service Committee

Chair: Danita Frisby, Email

The committee selects the year’s Community Service project and coordinates the members’ work and/or donations including a work session at one of our meetings. All projects benefit a local non-profit organization.

Monthy Raffle Basket

Chair: Grace Thorne, Email

At each meeting, a basket containing a prize and blank slips of paper is circulated. Members can participate by writing their name on one of the slips of paper and putting $1 in the basket. At the end of the meeting, a name is picked from the basket. The Committee is responsible for acquiring the prizes and circulating the basket at each meeting.

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Nancy Speck, Email

The Fundraising Committee has the job of developing ideas and projects to raise funds to supplement the Guild’s income raised from dues and sales of opportunity quilt raffle tickets. The committee coordinates projects, including recruitment of other members to support the effort.

Hospitality Committee

Chair: Peggy Haser, Email

The Hospitality Committee greets and introduces guests and new members at the monthly meeting. This committee also purchases door prizes and conducts the drawings each month.

Membership Committee

Chair: Darlene Morris, Email

The Membership Committee collects annual dues, issues membership cards and compiles the membership directory.

Newsletter Committee

Chair: Brenda Barnhardt, Email

The Newsletter Committee solicits and collects items of interest and creates the monthly newsletter.

Opportunity Quilt Committee

Design & Construction Chair: Sandy Dunning, Email

Marketing Chair: open position

Quilt Mother: Cindy Shugars, Email

The Opportunity Quilt Committee selects or designs the pattern for the year’s raffle quilt and coordinates the making of the quilt. Proceeds from the raffle are used to fund the guild’s activities, including speaker fees, rent, and numerous other items. This is the guild’s most important source of income. Managing ticket sales involves getting the tickets printed, setting up sales venues, and distributing tickets to each member of the guild to sell to family and friends. The winning ticket is drawn at the Holiday Party, which is held in December.

Program Committee

Chair: Mary Pauley, Email

The Program Committee schedules the guild’s activities for the future and oversees the current year’s activities and arranges for speakers. These activities include monthly meetings, pre-meeting receptions and workshops. The committee meets monthly and gets to determine the direction of the guild’s activities for the year.

Website and Social Media

Chair: Sandy Dunning, Email

The Website and Social Media Committee maintainins the Guild website and Facebook page.

Quilt Challenge

Chair: Brenda Barnhardt, Email

The Quilt Challenge Committee decides on a theme or a project for all members to interpret their own way. A meeting towards the end of the year is set aside as the quilt challenge reveal meeting. At this meeting, members bring their completed projects. Prizes are awarded to the winners.

Refreshment Committee

Chair: Linda Beavers, Email

The Refreshment committee is in charge of organizing volunteers from the guild to bring snacks and drinks to the monthly meeting. The committee supplies paper products and ice.

Sunshine Coordinator

Olga Schrichte, Email

The Sunshine Coordinator provides the membership with important information about life events in fellow member’s lives, such as, births, deaths, diagnoses, etc. The Sunshine Coordinator will send out emails to the membership when receiving any information about such life events; members may send any information for distribution by the Sunshine Coordinator to the guild email address.